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Hilal Travel

Hilal Travel LLC aims to develop tourism industry in Uzbekistan, arranging tours around the country for foreigners and international travels for locals.

The company primarily focuses on expanding full services of tourism within the republic to achieve the following:

  • To attract tourists to Uzbekistan from all over the world
  • To increase culture and quality of providing tourists with services that comply with international standards
  • To advertise tourism potential historical, religious, traditional-cultural heritage of Uzbekistan
  • To train personnel specialized in tourism and establishing training system
  • To offer pilgrimage tourism as a main service line, provide our visitors with all conveniences and facilities, deliver services that comply with “HALAL” standards if needed, attract highly skilled specialists that know well the history of our country and as well as Islam
  • To launch seasonal and thematic tourist service lines intended for visitors willing to see historical monuments and places of pilgrimage
  • To attract tourism related investments, including construction of hotels in tourist zones, providing best quality services, introducing transportation and rental services of special and comfortable buses and mini buses, and also establishing charter services together with local and international airlines in order to assure foreign people willing to travel to Uzbekistan, as well as supplying overseas countries with local visitors where tourism is in high demand;
  • To develop relations with leading tourtistic companies of the world, cooperate with them, open joint-venture companies, organizing conferences, exhibitions and informative tours

«Hilal Travel» LLC primary activities comprise delivering tours for visitors travelling from Islamic countries, all around historic and scholastic places of  Uzbekistan which is considered to be the place of all great Islamic scholars and introduce its rich historical and cultural heritage. Especially, the company is in charge of increasing quality and culture of delivering services up to higher levels of international measures, publicizing historical, religious, national and cultural heritage and of course sustainability of tourism industry. Having considered the possibility of big interest in visiting a preserved Koran in Jamii Hazrati Imam in Tashkent, Imam Bukhari, Imam Maturidi monuments in Samarkand, “Ulugh Bek”, “Tilya Kari”, and “Sherdar” madrasahs in Registan Square, The Seven Saints monuments in Bukhara, “Mir Arab” madrasah and other well-know ancient architectural complex, memorials and shrines, the company offers visitors high quality professional services that is one of its important duties.


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